Sleep Problems
One of the best results of acupuncture is the effect for sleep disorders. Many clients have problem falling sleep, waking up many times in the middle of sleep, waking up too early, not enough hours or refreshing sleep. Women especially during the menopause period will suffer from sleep disorders more. Acupuncture has a great effect on balancing the body and calm the mind. Sometimes the person can’t sleep not because of any pathology in the body but just thinking and brooding. Acupuncture treatment can help with the emotional imbalances such as anxiety, lots of thinking, brooding, anger, lack of concentration and getting ready for examinations.

“Dr. Sadrolsadot started treating me for insomnia in June 2012. My issue was chronic in nature; with this in mind he implemented a treatment plan tailored to my needs. It took several months, but patience and determination paid off, the results exceeded my expectations; I’m now benefiting with full nights sleep. We are fortunate to have him practice in Edmonton, he holds a rare wealth of knowledge with a combination of education and skilled experience as a physician and acupuncturist. I recommend his services, should you wish to pursue acupuncture. Marie-Claire” Edmonton 2012

High Level of Stress
The other area that clients take advantage of acupuncture is for stress and anxiety disorders. Acupuncture will calm the mind and help will normal functioning of the brain. High stress because of job, education, exams, family problems are always present. Some people especially have problems with stress while quit smoking or quit drugs. People with all of these conditions can take advantage of acupuncture treatment for stress management.