Many of my clients ask me: What is the main function of Acupuncture? Is it basically for pain management? Or is it works for other problems as well. I answer them: All what acupuncture and Chinese Medicine does is bringing the body to “Balance”. Diseases happen there is not balance and harmony in body. By pulse taking and tongue observation the imbalance is diagnosed and then by inserting fine needles in certain areas of body, we try to bring the body back to normal condition.

Many years ago in China doctors were paid just when the clients were healthy, and whenever they were sick, doctor’s payment would stop. That means traditional physicians tried to keep their clients healthy through regular visits and they were paid for health of their clients and not for the sickness and ailment. This shows that chinese medicine and Acupuncture is basically a lifestyle than just a treatment per se. All diet recommendations and the herbal formulas and Acupuncture treatments are for keeping the body in balance and healthy condition. As the imbalance may happen in each organ system, it can be used for a wide variety of conditions.

—What is acupuncture good for? What can it treat? Does it treat actually or is it a help?

These are the questions of many clients. What people mostly know about acupuncture effect is basically the effect on pain. That is called musculoskeletal effect. People are also familiar with the effect of acupuncture on stress and mind that means it is good for insomnia, and high levels of stress . These two are the main areas that people are familiar with and actually the two areas that acupuncturists make their advertisement on.

But if you ask me, acupuncture can be good for a variety of problems such as what I provided in the services column. Again it brings the body to a balance and therefore can be used as treatment for a wide variety of conditions. When I talk with my students about Facial acupuncture, they are really surprised. National Institute of Health (NIH) in U.S has approved the effect of acupuncture for complementary treatment on cancer patients. (Nausea and vomiting induced by chemotherapy and also pain in bone metastasis). So there is a wide range of conditions that acupuncture can be useful. In some conditions it treats and in some other conditions just as a help beside the conventional treatment.